Web Smart Bot – Plugins

These plugins are in 2 ways, free plugins and premium plugins. In the both versions have very interesting features, with which you can do a lot of things.

Free plugins offer some function that you can use for free.
These plugins you can use directly, or you can modify as you wish.
Some of these plugins:
Organic traffic for your website.
– Some websites for web scraping.
Youtube views and comments.
– Some accounts creator.
– Twitter post and tweet.
These free plugins you can use for your own use or you can edit and compile in (.exe), then you can sell this software on your site.

Premium Plugins provides advanced scripts that are paid separately. These advanced plugins are completed bots software, which can use them without having to add any major modification.
At the bottom you can see some of the premium plugins:
– bots for traffic quality for your website.
– web scraping (extract data) from website.
– youtube bot views and comments.
– referrers traffic from different sources, twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram…


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