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Create any web automation in a few minutes!
Web Smart Bot is a creator of web automation! No programming knowledge needed!
You can create any web automation for any website. E.G, you can make in a few minutes a bot that generates traffic for your website, extracts data from another website (web scraping) or social engines traffic, facebook, twitter, instagram…
You can use these bots for your own use, also you can compile and sell them on your website.
These bots can easily imitate the work of human operators.
Save work and create bots for that!

What can you do with Web Smart Bot?

Google Organic Traffic

This type of traffic, increases your site’s ranking in the search engine. You can make a smart bot that runs on your computer and generates traffic to your website.
A great way to increase quickly in search engines.

Web Scraping

Web Scraping is a technique employed to extract large amounts of data from websites whereby the data is extracted and saved to a local file in your computer or to a database in table (spreadsheet) format.

Social Bot Traffic

You have an option that generates traffic to your website, using one or more referrers.
For example, you can set traffic from facebook, twitter, instagram or other social media.

Bot Auto Post

With this module, you can post to various websites your urls, comments, reviews, baclklinks.
You can make backlinks and you can promote your business in this way. You can make a bot to post on wordpress, blogger or other platforms.

YouTubeBot Views

Using multiple IPs, different operating systems and different traces of navigation, you can create a bot that generates views for YouTube or other video website.  You can make a viral video.

Bot Email Extractor

This type of bot is easy to create.
You can extract email addresses of some target users or targeted by country/city.
Email addresses are extracted from search engines or from a website specified by you.

The most important functions included inWeb Smart Bot

Web Smart BotCommands!

The functions of Web Smart Bot are defined as commands inside the program.
With these commands, you can create a lot of softwares (web automation – bots)
You can create whatever you need, organic traffic bots, web automation, web scraping, automatic posting on forums and blogs, extracting emails and many other ideas.
At the top of the website you have a lot of tutorials and you can easily understand how to do these applications.
You can use these bots for your own use or you can compile them in (.exe) and you can sell them on your website.
For example with Web Smart Bot, you can create a bot that extracts email addresses and other data of companies from a particular country.
This software bot can be fully customized and you can sell it on your website.
Here you will find a complete list of commands

Most important commands of Web Smart Bot!

  • navigate – browsing a specific website.
  • type text – enters your text in a field of a website.
  • click – clicks on a specific place of a website (banner, text, button).
  • wait – waits a number of seconds per page.
  • loop – repeats loop a specific number of times.
  • thread – starts multiple browsers simultaneously for more operations.
  • shell – auto runs your any file from computer.
  • clear cookie – deletes cookies from the current page.
  • clear cache – deletes cache from the current page.
  • change proxy – changes ip, sets a new proxy.
  • set user agent – sets a fake browser agent, chrome, firefox…
  • set referrer – sets a fake referrer url, facebook, twitter…
  • scrape attribute – extracts specific data, from any website.
  • allow images – allows or not to display images in browser.

Some pictures ofWeb Smart Bot

These pictures are informative they present the Software interface.
Web Smart Bot is compatible with all versions of Windows and Windows Server, is not compatible with linux or mac.

Web Smart Bot – Clean

Web Smart Bot – Login and Register Form

Web Smart Bot – Simple Project

Web Smart Bot – Premium Plugins

Web Smart Bot – Bot Settings

Web Smart Bot – Free Plugins


Web Smart Bot

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